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Chiropractic Care in Wind Gap

chiropractic-bannerRestore your health and the full function of your body with natural health care. Dr. Kunkel seeks to remove any interference present in the body’s master control system, the nervous system. It controls everything you can think of — circulation, respiration, digestion, the immune and endocrine systems and more.

When your nervous system is free from interference, the brain and body can have optimal communication, allowing your well-being to flourish.

Experience the Limitless Advantages

Our patients report a variety of benefits from care. Of course, we often help with neck pain, back pain and headaches. But there are numerous advantages you may have never associated with chiropractic. Some of our miracle stories involved crossed eyes that were able to be uncrossed, women unable to get pregnant who could finally conceive and digestive disorders being resolved.

Athletes such as wrestlers, football players and dancers find that they can perform better when their body works better and they have improved mobility, free from aches and pains. Golfers tell us they can drive the ball farther and straighter than they ever have before.

Feel Comfortable and See Results

Dr. Kunkel adjusting a patient

Dr. Kunkel’s gentle adjusting techniques are perfect for patients of all ages.

Dr. Kunkel will fully explain how chiropractic care and adjustments work before beginning. We won’t do anything to hurt you, and if we’re unable to help, you will be informed immediately.

We see patients of all ages, so we offer different techniques to suit your needs and comfort level:

Our instrument-based methods are especially effective for older patients and for babies or children. Dr. Kunkel’s daughter was adjusted within 24 hours of her birth!

With decades of experience, we can show results to people at all levels of health.

When appropriate, we may add an additional therapy such as traction, decompression, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound or massage to your care.

We participate with insurance, including Medicare. Book your time to get started on your healing today! Convenient late hours are offered to better accommodate your schedule.


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